ISJ 1.40m met Tina Vets - Stam Olympia-Cerise     


Lancelot Ter Linden

ruin - 2011 - BWP - Bruin

Thunder van de Zuuthoeve Argentinus Argenta I
Jura van Sint-Maarten Nimmerdor
Olympia-Cerise Avontuur  Jasper
Nouvelle Cerise  Grand Boheur
Cerise du Mont


Lancelote Ter Linden volle broer van/full brother of Kartouche d'Avontuur



Lancelot is a very good gelding. He has a good attitude and always wants to jump to the other side. As a 3 year old Lancelot was approved for the AES studbook. Later it was decided to geld him.

Lancelot’s mother is Olympia Cerise (s. Avontuur). She is mother of the 1m60 jumping Sauveur de la Cour (by Oberon). This stallion is approved for AES.

The Zangersheide approved stallion Whataboy ter linden (by Kashmir van Schuttershof) is also a descendant of Olympia Cerise.

Another daughter is Dame de Pique (by Clinton). She ran 1m35 courses herself before she started breeding. She was the first to give Heike ter linden who jumps 1m45 level today and an approved stallion Frodo ter Linden.

The mare Finne Fleur was also successfully used in breeding. She became mother of Colonel Cento who jumps 1m50 with Benny Naessens.

The best mare from Olympia Cerise is without doubt Tatouage d ‘Avontuur (by Tenor Manciais). She was successfully crossed several times with Darco. The approved stallions Amaretto d’Arco and Forever d’Arco ter Linden are a few examples. We know Forever d’Arco ter Linden with, among others, Olivier Philippaerts in the saddle. The duo won in CSIO Sopot, they became 3rd in the masters in jumping Mechelen,… later brother Anthony took over the reins.