Ceasar Ter Linden: King ( Purioso) x Ferro      NL   FR

studbook: KWPN

APPROVED A.E.S- & Barockpinto Studbook

Already 10 suns of Ceasar APPROVED Stallions, 2 ELITE mares

Many descendants are already doing well in sport, in the multiple disciplines such as jumping as dressage and Eventing.

Tobiano Homozygous = always a tobiano foal never chestnut tobiano

born 2007 - 1.73 m. - National Eventing with Shanna Wandels





Furiosso II


Keur- Preferent-Prestatie 

Pericles XX


Tina D

Ster- preferent-perstatie



Olympic Ferro 






Cindy  Samber


Ceasar Ter Linden

available: frozen semen of Ceasar Ter Linden  EU approved

10 frozen straws = € 1000 incl. transport (from Belgium to your EU country)
and papers etc.
18 frozen straws= € 1500 incl. transport (from Belgium to your EU country) and papers etc.
For transport we need a dry shipper transport box.
- send one to us, we send ASAP back with the frozen semen.
- possibility to borrow from Hoeve Ter Linden after consultation - return costs are not included.

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Ceasar is a stunning piebald KWPN stallion.

Born in 2007 in Holland and owned by Hoeve ter Linden in Belgium .

Competed in eventing, where he showed his outstanding qualities in both jumping and dressage !

Homozygous tobiano and black, that means that all our foals from him will be also tobiano and never chestnut.

Strong body conformation, measures 1.73m and elegant paces !

sire: King (Purioso keur x Pericles preferent)

dam: Lianne ster (Olimpic Ferro preferent x Samber)

Already 8 sons of Ceasar Ter Linden approved as breeding stallions and Two dauthers Elite mares. 



News offsping:  


-Gigolo Darley angel (Ceasar Ter Linden x Jelte 365) : approved stallion BP (Belgium)

-Gilles van de Walschot (Ceasar Ter Linden x Rik 396) : approved stallinon BP (Holland)

-Gilles van de Walschot (Ceasar Ter Linden x Rik 396) : Champion BP studbook - young BP stallions 2019

- Guinnes AC: Approved Stallion BP Austria
- G Claudius von der Nockalm: Approved Stallion BP Austria

-Johan Strauss del Calsone ( Ceasar Ter Linden x Willem van Nassau) Champion BP studbook  Italy

-Offside il Mondo ( Ceasar Ter Linden x Caretano) 3e place BWP 

-Liana RC (Ceasar Ter Linden x Samarant) "Elite" mare KWPN

-Emikö Christine van Pawlowitz (Ceasar ter Linden XX05 x Beart 411) "Elite" mare BP studbook. CZ


- Barock pinto mare Emikö Christine van Pawlowitz (Ceasar ter Linden XX05 x Beart 411). She is 4 years old. Emikö is mare with Ster with 1e premium and almost proved Elite Mare

- Florian: Ceasar Ter Linden x Nanning: approved ster stallion Bp (Italy)

- Jeames Bont Fly:Ceasar Ter Lindenx Quidam de Revel : sold to Japan.

- Iberica van de Warande: Ceasar ter Linden x Willem van Nassau: Day Champion Barock-Pinto inspection Belgium


- Harvey van Silesia : Ceasar Ter Linden x Tietse 428 - Champion  Barockpinto studbook inspection Tsjechië CZ

- Hitmann Darley Angel : Ceasar Ter Linden x Andries 415 - Champion  Barockpinto studbook inspection Belgium B

- Rayna van 't Lohof : Ceasar ter linden x winningmood vd arenberg. Received a 1st premium at the national championship for bwp Eliteveulens. With a nice score of 77% including an 82% for movement

- Junior Ceasar RC: Ceasar Ter Linden x Samarant (Sandro Hit) x Juventus  "Licensed Stallion AES"

- Chicago Fly z: Ceasar Ter Linden x Jucarlos x Fevotado.  "Licensed Stallion AES

- Emikö Christine van Pawlowitz (then 3 years old) is a likeable and the most beautiful horse of the exhibition Horse 2017 in Lysá nad Labem in the Czech Republic.


- Chou-Chou Ter Linden: Ceasar Ter Linden x Thunder van de zuuthoeve. Finalist Free Jumping- 3 Year Old - Medal of the King result: 5th place!

-Claudius von der Nockalm:Ceasar Ter Linden x Folkert 353: 2nd place European Championship Pied horses in Austria-Paura.


- Emikö Christine van Pawlowitz born 2014  Ceasar Ter Linden xx Beart 411 :1e First premium and Champion of Youngstock Barock-Pinto inspection CZ..

- Flashdance Goodhapes: Ceasar Ter Linden x Lukas 324:First premium and Champion of the Barock-Pinto inspection in the Czech republic

- Findus von der Nockalm: Ceasar Ter Linden x Tsjerk 328: born in Austria.3th place European Championship coloured hores @Austria.

2014: -Eliska van Span: Ceasar Ter Linden x Monte 378: First Premium and Champion Barock-Pinto inspection fillies Holland.


- Elvingston Sauterna(Ceasar)Reseve Sport Horse Champion SSH (Scottish Sports Horse)

- Neron van de Veldhoeve: Ceasar Ter Linden x Landlord:  Champion Barock-Pinto inspection Belgium

- Ce-Celia (Ceasar Ter Linden)  Champion Barock-Pinto inspection Tsjechië, sold to USA.

2012: -Elvingston Sauterna(Ceasar Ter Linden) 2nd SportHorse Class/ Ingliston Grand Slam U.K.

Medisch Verslag/ Medical Report Ceasar Ter Linden:

Ceasar Ter Linden has a Good Clinical and RX- inspection.

Laboratory results: Eq. Infect. Anemia, EIA, Coggins test: negative
EVA, virus neutralization test: negative

Rapport DNA:

tobiano Test: TO/TO= always tobiano foal

vos-factor: E/E = never chesnut tobiano

Agouti-factor: a/a = the recessive allele a distributes black pigment uniformly over the entire body Only when the horse has two copies of the recessive allele a (homozygous aa), the black pigment is evenly distributed. With a black mare always a black fur foal.

overo lethal white factor: N/N negative. Ceasar Ter Linden Neither Overo factor

Sabino 1: N/N Ceasar ter Linden  Not a bearer of Sabino 1

FRANCE: congelés directement Hoeve Ter Linden 60 euros + 6 % TVA / par paille. transport etc. non inclus.

Ou, Point de distribution France: info@harasduberry.com    Haras du Berry

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ITALIA: distributore in Italia Casina Casone di Cavaglia

C.Z: distributor v České republice friesianhorse.cz

USA: 100 euro/ frozen straw

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